Cost Saving Ideas for Small Businesses

We’re ready to help schools and companies get the best value for their essential business services.

How we make a difference



Providing telephone systems and IT solutions for schools that meet the needs of the staff and pupils. We provide services and software that encourages learning where safety for devices and users is paramount.

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Office Moves

Trust Trident to be your Move Manager for your office relocation project plan: we have many years’ experience in managing the complexity of telecoms and IT when relocating.

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Cost Management

We believe that no single manufacturer, network provider or carrier has all of the answers all of the time and that no single technology or solution is right for every customer.

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Small Business

Trident work with you to keep control of your services expenditure. Regular analysis will not only help with control but will also enable you to see where ongoing cost savings can be made.

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Mobile Working

Companies can help support successful working from home and overcome technical challenges; here are some ways you can make it work and the opportunites it’ll provide.

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Gas and electric are essential services and we find the best energy deals for our clients.
Trust Trident to help you navigate the options available and get a better deal on your energy.

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Choosing the right supplier for your business is critical. If your supplier isn’t reliable or doesn’t provide high-quality services, your company may struggle to operate as efficiently as possible

So how do you choose the right supplier? Trust Trident to help you source the right supplier. We will help you identify the right criteria, use our network of established service providers and match them to your specific needs.


Securing a great deal can take your business to the next level, and no business is too new or too small to start looking towards the future and considering better partnerships.

Trident brings experience from how other business owners are succeeding in getting better deals for the businesses. We’ll be transparent because the most successful partnerships  happen when both parties are fully up-front with each other.


We want to make it clear that we’re here to help.
It’s that simple. The first step is to conduct a thorough audit which enables Trident to conduct research based on the analysis form the audit and match your needs to potential suppliers.

With a seemingly endless amount of choices for service provision, its important that your individual business needs are balanced against the available options. We’ll do the hard yards and work out which suppliers and service will deliver you the most value.

Cost Saving Ideas for Small Businesses


There are several components to developing a technology strategy for small to medium sized companies. If you are a service business or like many other small businesses today, then planning will be at the core of what you. With changes to working practices and locations there is a continual effort to drive efficiencies in your business.
Many questions will start to come to mind, including security and providing your users access to the right software from any device.


With a large partner base to work with – It takes a lot of time to find the right vendor – Trident reduces your cost to find the right supplier.

Using your existing suppliers can become less than proactive if they don’t feel there’s any danger of you switching providers. Trident will work in your best interests to get the right deals for your essential business services.


From the roll out of new mobile phones to complete digital transformation, Trident create solutions which helps your business to adapt.
Using experience and knowledge we tailor solutions based on your exacting requirements – ensuring that the data, people, and processes are well connected.

Trident has worked on many sites for us, done a brilliant job with cost effective solutions. Excellent customer service. Would recommend them for anyone.

Christopher Guy Europe Ltd

Trident reviewed our telecoms package and successfully identified a better cloud based system for us. They implemented a more cost effective and efficient service. I highly recommend them.

Sam K, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

Trident managed to greatly reduce our costs on both landline and mobile calls. Also provided a very quick and friendly service. Was very impressed. Can't sing their praises enough. Highly recommend.

Allison Hill, CEO @ AHR UK Ltd

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